Author DeAnna Knippling

The short version:

Prolific writer DeAnna Knippling has written over 70 novels across multiple genres for herself and her ghostwriting clients. Analytical and methodical, she has broken down the writing craft into key concepts that she teaches to her coaching clients, and brings to the page in Writing Craft: Lessons in Fiction for the Working Writer.

You can also find her at www.WonderlandPress.com.

The long version:

The long version is currently too long and complicated, so let me sum up:

I grew up in South Dakota with hair that grew past my waist, thinking that I wanted to grow up to become:

  • Crystal Gayle, a notably long-haired Country Western singer, famous for “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.” (Please note: the singer has startling blue eyes.)
  • A nun.
  • The mother of twelve.

Which just goes to show that things never turn out the way you expect.