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Are you stuck?

That is, is your writing career not going the way you envision it? Are you not making sales? Not writing the books you want to write? Burned out, stressed? Tired of seeing other people doing better than you do?

A lot of writers get stuck, but stuck writers aren’t the writers you hear about–mostly, you’ll only hear about writers who have reached some level of success.

If you ask nicely, they might even tell you how they’ve reached that level of success.

And their techniques might be things that you are doing already, or that seem to depend on luck rather than skill.

What are you doing wrong? And what are they doing right?

It’s really not productive to tell yourself that you should be trying harder, or that other authors have friends in high places, or that the world just isn’t fair.

So what do you do?

Start in the list below with your best guess on what you’re stuck on:

  • Writing Quality (Craft)
  • Publishing What You Write
  • Marketing & Selling What You Write
  • Advertising & Promoting What You Write
  • Maintaining Your Writing Business
  • You’re Not Getting Any Writing Done
  • You’re Overwhelmed by ALL THE TASKS
  • You Don’t Know What You’re Stuck On

Each page contains a short checklist on how to assess your skillset, book/website/software recommendations, a “minimum effort, maximum results” plan, a lifelong learning plan, and whether I offer any services, books, classes, free blogs, or anything else in that area.

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